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Established in 2014 as an inspection and consulting firm by industry professionals, Xiphos Technical Services has expanded to include many additional services. We know the industry, its operating environment, and have a proven track record of supplying operating companies as well as contractors with exceptional service and personnel. Xiphos Technical Services continues to assist our clients on many successful projects. We look forward to utilizing our expertise and our experiences to assist in all phases of your business and assure the project is completed in a safe and timely manner.


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We believe that we have a moral obligation to take care of the health and welfare of our employees, contractors, and the environment. We have invested a substantial amount of resources in training, tools and equipment to ensure our employees can go home at the end of each shift.

North Dakota’s Oil and Gas Professionals

Quality Project Management and Inspection Services

Inspection/Consulting and Project Management

Xiphos provides third-party inspection services to pipeline, oil, telecommunication, distribution, and natural gas industries. We are a leader in the oilfield and pipeline inspection industry because of our highly skilled personnel and our dedication to safety. Xiphos provides project management services for the oilfield and beyond. Our services allow companies to remain flexible with ever changing technology and project conditions.
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Pressure Testing

Xiphos has the experience and expertise for completing and documenting the pressure testing process on a variety of projects. Safety when operating at high pressures is important and we follow the highest safety guidelines. Our testing services have provided reliable results to a wide range of clients and a variety of components including pipelines, vessels, and piping. Our highly trained and experienced technicians and consultants have an in depth understanding of testing specifications. Our documentation packages are comprehensive and will keep your records compliant.
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Field Maintenance and Roustabout

Maintaining infrastructure is essential to production and sales. Routine maintenance is required to keep assets functioning and productive. It is crucial to remain proactive against the elements, and daily wear. Our roustabout services include pipeline pigging, routine maintenance, mowing and many other field services. We can customize a maintenance program to fit your needs.
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From right-of-way mowing to seeding and erosion control (SWPP), we have a solution for your project. During the reclamation process, it is important to establish healthy vegetation as quickly as possible to prevent erosion. Newly planted soil is particularly susceptible to erosion from rainfall and wind. Taking the correct steps to prevent erosion is extremely important and often required for environmental compliance. We offer a variety of services for construction projects.
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Welding Fabrication

Xiphos primarily specializes in the oilfield and pipeline industry. We have a vast knowledge-base and experience with welding fabrication and piping including Stainless Steel. We work in Structural, Pipeline, Facility piping in addition to other welding disciplines.
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Blasting & Coating

Xiphos is your choice for industrial coatings. Our focus is on blasting and coating your projects. Our commercial painters are experts in coatings and industry standards. Whether it’s external or internal piping, tanks, ag bins, or a custom project, protecting your assets with our industrial services is always an intelligent solution.

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